The OnFuture Executive Brainstorm and Innovation Series (formerly known as New Digital Economics Executive Brainstorm Series) forms part of a research and industry transformation programme, from business model innovation firm STL Partners. Each event focuses on collaborative discussion and brainstorming between senior executives from the retail, banking, media, government and telco sector’s, providing new opportunities for mutual growth and innovation in the digital ecosystem.

Supported by leading trade bodies, and attended by some of the world’s leading experts, the Executive Brainstorms are held on a regular basis throughout the world. Targeted and focused for each region we address key business and market impacts now and into the future.

Recent Events:

"A breath of fresh air after all the traditional (and traditionally boring) conferences."

Marketing Director, Major Operator

Event Focus

The Telecoms, Media and Technology (TMT) ecosystem is becoming more complex as the business models of different players converge and collide. OnFuture is a premium strategy event focused on new growth opportunities and business models for TMT.

"['Mindshare'] is excellent... more intimate than the larger shows, an opportunity to have a real conversation with the audience."
Vice President, Major Media Company

Unique Interactive Format

STL Partners' unique interactive format, called "Mindshare", gathers together representatives from across the communications, media, internet and technology sectors to explore opportunities to exploit telecoms assets and capabilities to grow business in the digital economy. It is run as a large scale structured brainstorm comprising roughly: 30% Stimulus presentations; 22% Interactive brainstorming with peers; 13% Panel discussions; 35% Networking.


Up to 250 participants including around specially invited senior execs from across the telecoms, media, entertainment, internet and enterprise technology sectors.

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"The ['Mindshare'] approach created much better interactive discussions than other conferences I have been to. Also, due to the pre-screening, the speakers were all of a higher standard than most other conferences."
SVP, Major Operator

Stimulus Presenters

This series of Brainstorms attracts the leading minds and industry figures from across the telecoms, cable, media, publishing, banking, payments, brand marketing, retailing, interactive agency, credit rating, software, academic, internet, technology, government, public policy and investment sectors. In addition, CEOs from some of the most exciting start-ups in the m-commerce, advertising and personal data space present in the Innovation Showcase sessions.

What's different about STL Events...

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Our unique interactive mindshare

Networking opportunities at STL events

The Telecoms Industry Ecosystem


Transformation, Innovation and Growth Opportunities for the Telecoms Industry

How telcos need to transform their core operations and networks to deliver low-cost agility, while optimising core services revenues, dealing with disruption / 'co-opetition' with Internet Players, and building new service revenues in Cloud, Enterprise Mobility, the 'Internet of Things', Digital Commerce, and Big Data.


Transforming Telecoms Operations and Propositions

Cloud presents opportunities to transform both internal operations and external propositions for telcos. What are the latest strategies and innovations in Cloud and Managed Services (e.g. SDN, NFV, PaaS, SaaS, NaaS) and what are the leading case studies?

Enterprise Mobility

How Telcos can enable the $50Bn Enterprise Mobile Opportunity

Our research has shown that over half the enterprise market is willing to buy from telcos, but that a much lower proportion actually does. What are the barriers and how can telcos overcome them?
The Digital Ecosystem

Digital Things

Smart Cities, Connected Everything: M2M and the Internet of Things

Numerous stakeholders are competing to connect everything (e.g. cars, TVs, sensors, etc.) and deliver a wide range of benefits from greater economic efficiency and implementing government policies through to new revenue generation. What business models are most effective for which ends, and how and where should players collaborate and interoperate – or compete head-on?

Digital Commerce

The Cross-Sector Commerce Revolution Driven by Mobile and Personalised Data

Mass digitalisation is changing everything in customer-facing business (e.g. advertising, loyalty, payments, etc.). How should industries and companies address this change, what is the strategy of the major internet disruptors (e.g. Amazon, Google, Facebook, etc.), and what are the new opportunities for CSPs, media, banking and technology companies?

Digital Entertainment

New Partnerships and Technologies for Film, TV and Games in a multi-screen, 3D/HD, mobile world

Content creators seek new routes to market and access to customers, and service providers seek new services to add value to their core propositions, so there is a growing convergence and body of partnerships. Cloud technology and OTT plays are also changing the game. So what strategies will win out?

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